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You stood up and walked toward Luke, placing your hand on his chest to calm him down, "Luke, please stop yelling.

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All three of you looked at each other in awkward silence, until How can I slip out of this?! I decided on taking a shower to freshen myself up before getting changed into some clean clothes.

You're Dating Another Member (Ages 18-20)

So why the hell would you put me in misery and ask her out before I did? Go find someone who actually likes you back. I've accepted the fact that she's Calum's, I just haven't accepted the fact that she can't be mine. It felt a bit weird to see him saddened since he was usually so happy.

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So Calum was now frantically running to make it to the bus before anyone else to let you inside. You looked at him in confusion, yet replied, "He is one of the most sweetest people you'll ever meet, he looks gorgeous, yes you have met him, he has preference youre dating another member eyes and they are the most dreamiest dreamy eyes you will ever see.

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As soon as I got home I ran up to my room, slamming the door behind me and curling back up in bed. You froze when not Calum, but Luke appeared from around the corner. Today was the first time your family was going to meet your boyfriend, they had invited him over for dinner and Calum was in for a complete surprise.

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I woke up a couple hours later after crying myself to sleep and I felt absolutely awful. Calum looked at you in disbelief, "What?

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Things were going fine backstage before you were left alone and Ashton came up to you with a cheeky smile. I noticed Calum and Luke inching closer.

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What colour eyes does he have? You and Calum had been keeping your relationship a secret from everyone. I pulled myself out of bed and went into the bathroom, not only did I feel awful I looked awful too. What if he doesn't approve?

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