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Modern Silver Bangles for You

Modern Silver BanglesTimeless pieces of elegant jewellery are silver bangles worn on the wrist by women. It is graceful, beautiful, subtle and classy at the same time and it always attracts attention as a prominent accessory. Nowadays, silver bracelets are worn by both men and women. A silver bracelet or silver bangles are the perfect complement to other jewellery worn or a watch on the wrist. Also, silver bracelets are a valuable investment and suit all sorts of wardrobe styles, be it traditional or party wear. You can choose to accentuate the beauty of the silver bracelets by adding elaborate gemstones to them, the favourite gem being diamonds.

There are several classy designs to choose from, when you are buying silver bangles. A few of them are:

  • Silver Link Bracelets: These are ultra-fashionable and high-end bracelets. It is featured with links that form a chain, sometimes coming with multiple links and is interconnected with toggle locks at the end of the links, to keep your bracelet safe. If you are opting for this silver link bracelet, then it would be a good idea to use attractive gemstones to

Gift Idea Jewelry for Baby

Jewelry for BabyThe birth of a baby is one of life’s most joyous occasions. Choosing jewelry is a perfect gift option to celebrate a baby’s birth and other significant family or cultural milestones. Finding the ideal jewelry gift for children is easy as there are plenty of options available from bracelets and bangles, to necklaces, rings, and even earrings. Jewelry for babies makes for a great gift idea, as the high quality materials and clasps used in their designs makes it safe for babies of all ages to wear. The different types of jewelry should always be smooth and free of sharp edges.

Including birthstones in jewelry that signifies the month of the baby’s birth makes for a special, and certainly thoughtful, gift. A birthstone is a gemstone linked to a specific calendar month as follows: January-Garnet, February-Amethyst, March-Aquamarine, April-Diamond, May-Emerald, June-Pearl, July-Ruby, August-Peridot, September-Sapphire, October-Opal, November-Topaz, December-Turquoise.

Gold will remain a “timeless” material used in jewelry items, including those for babies, particularly newborns. Other materials can be used as long as they are hypoallergenic. This ensures that the jewelry does not cause adverse reactions to the baby’s

Simple ways To Buying Diamond

diamondDiamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but with the dizzying array of natural diamond types, synthetic diamonds and convincing costume-jewelry fakes on the market today, how does a smart shopper choose?

Natural versus lab-grown, crystal-clear or colored — even cubic zirconia is getting some respect. The choices are vast, and there’s likely a stone for nearly any buyer with any budget. The one thing you can do wrong is head down to the jewelry store with no plan.

So, whether you have your sights set on a wedding or just some bling, get started on your hunt with our special diamond-buyer’s guide.

Traditional diamonds still a perfect choice

This is the diamond Marilyn Monroe sang about — the natural stone created in the earth’s crust over millions of years. The round, or “brilliant” cut, remains the most popular. “Two out of every three people who buy a diamond in the world buy a round,” says Fred Cuellar, founder and president of stone processor Diamond Cutters International in Houston, and author of “How to Buy a Diamond.”

  • Benefits : It’s the real deal. Three

Gold And Diamond, Here Its History

If we focus on facts, when it comes to history we can ensure that the gold has been the first and the most valuable material to a mankind when it comes to making jewellery. No other substance has been used so many years ago and we still use it today, from adornment to the economy. Though the earliest knowledge, it seems like the combination of gold with diamonds goes hundreds and hundreds of years ago as far as we can trace. Gold and diamond is the most popular combination ever known. The earliest history when diamonds were discovered is documented in India 3000 years ago. They were considered valuable due to the ability to absorb and reflect light. Later on was discovered that a diamond is the hardest of all precious stones ever found, which made them so highly prized.

During the Dark Ages was believed that the diamond jewellery has certain medical value to cure people who were suffering from various illnesses only by holding the diamond that could assist in recovery. Though the earliest knowledge, it is known that the history of cutting diamonds used for ornaments and crowns became popular in the beginning of

Why Makes Ethnic Jewelry using Personalized Charms?

A best aspect regarding utilizing charms to make specially designed jewelry is the way that you can make such a variety of diverse styles and sorts of adornments with the pieces that are accessible. A standout amongst the most prevalent styles of the day is “ethnic” adornments. It is truly simple to make your own ethnic pieces utilizing the charms which you can get from respectable adornments supplies stores.

Why use charms?

Charms are still exceptionally prominent in a few zones of the world, and numerous individuals in these territories trust that the charms that they wear will bring those good fortunes, favorable luck or fortunes in their life. Distinctive charms have diverse implications to diverse individuals. Regardless of the possibility that you don’t have confidence in the forces that these fortunate leaf clovers imply to have, utilizing them to make comparable adornments pieces can be extremely suggestive of the zone that you are attempting to copy. The way that you utilize the charms can indicate social mindfulness, and appreciation for distinctive regions of the world.

Why make your own origami lockets?

A significant part of the lockets which is accessible in the shops

A Fashion for Woman

There is common belief about women that they consume long time in getting themselves dressed when they have to go out for a party. This might not be true for every woman as not every woman consumes long time in dressing herself while going out. But if any woman is having a Diamond Necklace Set with herself and has to go for a party then even if she is not consuming much time to dress up herself regularly, will take extra time to dress up herself for party with matching accessories that she feel will help her in enhancing her looks. The craze of women towards diamond necklace is not hidden from anyone and they are ready to sacrifice their various wishes to buy a diamond necklace. This is mainly because of the glory that diamond necklace carries from centuries as having a diamond jewelry is considered as symptom of richness. Here it would be interested to learn that not only women even men are also equally crazy towards diamond necklaces as this can be witnessed from the pictures of ancient rulers who used to wear different types of various diamond necklace sets. Although this trend was only

Buy Designer Jewelry, Things You should Keep in Mind

Designer jewelry can surely attract any girl the moment she keeps her eye on them. It includes its own elegance, charm and exclusiveness. Still before buying designer jewelry, girls have a doubt in case it gets lost while wearing, and do not make the right decision. It doesn’t matters whether girls and women shop for any special occasions or treats them once in a while; buying designer jewelry is certainly an amazing experience. Diamonds are the most precious and valuable metals, as their price ranges superbly, relying on Carat, weight, and where you buy from.

Here we’ve come up with few effective tips that you should keep in mind before buying designer jewelry.

1. Research and Understand: You need to firstly research and comprehend the carat amounts in designer jewelry and how that is going to shape the durability and price of each diamond piece you’re considering for buying purchase.

2. Trusting the Designer: Designers in the showroom are always trained and they are very much updated with the latest trends, and they can even convey you which jewelry will fit you and which one to evade. You can consider his opinion in picking up

Sapphire Wedding Band

Jewelry is something we all love and there are a million reasons why we adore them. For most of us the dash of glamor they add is the primary reason while for many others it is the sheer variety that is always available. With the wide range of types and the different styles and designs in every category we have a piece that looks perfect with every outfit and is ideal for the different occasions. If you are someone who is in love with rings and enjoy the beauty and style they add to your entire look then you also must be aware of the wide variety they come in. From simple to ornate, single stones to clusters, diamonds to colored gemstones you have so much to select from, an act that is always enjoyable.

If your taste hovers around the subtle and stylish variety then the eternity band is meant for you. The demure and elegant appeal of this type is something that will surely touch your heart and the good thing is that they come in many different kinds so you can go ahead and pick one that suits your sense of style and preference.

Getting The Proper Bracelet

It is often hard to choose the perfect bracelet. If it is for a gift, you need to consider the style and size as well as if you want it to match their rings and other pieces of jewellery. Here, we’ve listed everything you need to consider when purchasing a bracelet.

Consider the style of the jewellery you/they already have
If it is for yourself, take a careful look at the jewellery you already have and consider whether or not you want your bracelet to match the other jewellery pieces you own. If the bracelet is a gift it is also important to look at the jewellery the person you are giving it to, already has.

A good way to find out their style is to look at what they have in their jewellery box or what sort of jewellery they wear on a daily basis. A good way to browse different styles of bracelets is from the comfort of your own home by searching the Internet. This is a great way to see what styles are currently on the market and also to get an idea of pricing before you make a purchase.


Using Pendants for Making Your Jewelry

Pendants and charms are often the popular selections of necklace and bracelet designs. From metal to gemstone to crystal pendants, they have got an ever expanding selection of jewelry making charms. The main idea is to get you the best and cheap pendants for jewelry making with unique style and perk of designing. It has got a great emphasis on style, color, and quality, while offering an affordable price points to the customers.

This summer a number of known jewelry suppliers are launching their extensive ideas including adorable jewelry pendants. The variation of ideas is created with the unique materials that are used in manufacturing these pendants. Popular items include the Tibetan pendants; Ethiopian crosses, Egyptian Pendants and many other desired items with a unique perk of jewelry designing. So it doesn’t matter whether you look for pendants from Polymer clay Indonesia or some other gemstone pendants, all are set here this summer to add a unique glance in your jewelry making.

You can also create your own cheap pendants for jewelry making with some of the very simple and handy materials available in the market. Polymer clay is among the most useful and easily available

Picking Bridesmaid Jewelry, Here Its Tips

A wedding is an event that happens only once for most people. There’s no wonder why despite the cost, many don’t care about spending too much just to make their dream wedding turn into a reality. However, every wedding event comes with challenges. From planning to decorating and buying gifts, it can be long, winding journey.

Bridesmaid Jewelry – A Wonderful Gift

An important part of planning a wedding is selecting the right motif. However, with the numerous ideas there are today, doing this can be extremely difficult. Usually, it is the bride who chooses the floral designs, wedding colours, theme, and the gifts for the brides. Admit it – the old saying ‘diamonds are girls’ best friends’ is true. Women, regardless of age, ranking, and status in life fancy about jewelry. Whether it is a sewn necklace, charm bracelet, or a pair of luxurious earrings, every woman wants to have something she can wear – something that can enhance her looks and make her look more glamorous.

The greatest thing about jewelry as gift is that it can last a lifetime. It doesn’t easily fade and it can be used anytime – especially during

Wearing Jewelry Using Heplful Tips

The immaculate sense of style is not necessarily something that you should be born with. It is brought up consciously, developed by paying attention to the ocean of current fashion trends where you find something that suits your looks, personality and lifestyles.

Creating your own style is not a “bed of roses”. This road can be full of faux pauses and trials. But those who want to be a success in this venture are destined to success.

It‘s a piece of hard work, let’s face it, unless you have your personal make-up artist, clothes and hair-stylist at your hand 24/7. But the award of realizing that you look and feel great is worth of all the efforts.
Nobody is perfect. And we can’t control what Nature has given to us. But everybody can make the best over him/herself, learning to be beautiful and express the unique individuality that is within.

Since jewelry is fairly considered to be that very special thing that both gives that necessary finishing touches to our looks and boosts our good mood as well as self-esteem, let’s exercise in wearing jewelry. If you are not always sure what gems suit you best, or what to wear in a

Guide to Buy Platinum Jewellery

Jewellery is available in a number of different forms. They are made using base metals, such as platinum, gold and silver. Platinum is a metal that is soft, ductile, dense and anti-corrosive. Due to these properties, it is perfect for making jewellery ornaments. Platinum metal is hypo-allergenic which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin as well.

Platinum is one such metal that has an excellent degree of lustre. Platinum metal is used in a number of different applications. As these ornaments are hand crafted, they are costly and in demand. Platinum is most popularly used in making rings that also come studded with diamonds and other precious stones.

Increasing popularity of platinum jewellery

Although platinum jewellery has been around since late 1800s, it was only famous amongst the royal class. In fact, Egyptians were the first ones to use platinum around 3000 years ago. In the jewellery industry, platinum has gained immense popularity. In fact, this lustrous white metal is now considered as a symbol of status and wealth. Being the rarest metal, platinum is a precious and valuable metal.

The purity, hardness and durability of platinum makes it an ideal option

Try This Most Effective Caring Jewellry Tips

Dear jewelry is worth being properly taken care of, otherwise its life is dull and very short. If you want your gold, silver and gemstones to sparkle and help you become the object of admiration and adoration, don’t fail to study the tips on how to take care of precious metals and stones that we offer here to you. So, read and remember.

Tips on how to take care of your jewelry

Platinum is the metal most resistant to the environmental conditions, then goes gold. The third place in this list belongs to silver.

Spots. To avoid dark spots, which appear when your wet skin influence the metals, clean your jewelry after taking it off with the wet flannel. It is recommended to take the jewelry off if you apply skin bleach as the substances it contains darken the jewelry. Iodine leaves dark spots on the jewelry. The spots can be cleaned with the help of hyposulphite solution. Take 1tbsp. of the substance for a glass of water.

About dust. To remove the dust from under the stone of your ring take cotton buds soaked in cologne or glycerin and wipe the stone. Then polish the ring with the flannel. Never clean

About Ruby

Ruby  or its mineralogical name CORUNDUM is a best-known gem. Essentially it’s the same substance as sapphire, it’s an aluminum oxide with traces of coloring elements such as chromic oxide. Its name is derived from the Latin ruber, red.

Rubies are very hard and can be worn in any form of jewelry and have long been popular as ring stones. Because of their high density they are usually smaller than most other gemstones of the same weight. They vary in transparency from complete clarity, through various degrees of cloudiness to sub-translucency, but some slight inclusions are not necessarily regarded as defect. The shimmering whitish sheen produced by microscopic needles of rutile and known as ‘silk’ is accepted as an attractive attribute within reason and as a proof that a stone is genuine.

The brightness of the red color of rubies is caused by their fluorescence. The effect can be spectacular when the stones are exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the dark. For the same reason rubies appear much brighter than other red stones (except red spinels) under a color filer. As usual with gemstones, there is a vast difference in value between really fine specimens and those of lesser quality.


About Diamond Shape

The unique beauty and appeal of fancy cut diamonds make them the perfect choice for gifts of the season. Shoppers now have a wide array of choices, so there is something for every taste. In this installment of our 2013 Holiday Buying Guide series, you will learn about some of the special characteristics of fancy cut diamonds before you ever step into a jewelry store.If you’re already familiar with th 4Cs of Diamond Quality, you know how GIA grades the color and clarity of colorless diamonds, and how GIA evaluates cut for round brilliant cut diamonds. But if you don’t know the difference between diamond shape and diamond cut, you might want to take a quick refresher before reading on.

In selecting your fancy cut diamond, it will be important for you to know if the diamond is well cut. If it is too shallow, there could be a greater risk of chipping the diamond. If it is too deep, it may appear to be less bright. While GIA does not grade the overall proportions of fancy cut diamonds, a GIA Diamond Grading Report does contain an assessment of the diamond’s Finish, which includes Polish and Symmetry. When the report

DIY Button Jewelry Making, Here Its Tips

When I got serious about my jewelry making skills and started experimenting with buttons for some of my earliest designs, I never imagined that I would grow to love working with them so much. Buttons are a fun, inexpensive craft medium that can be used for any number of different jewelry projects including bracelets, necklaces and pendants, earrings, pins, rings, and hair pins. During my jewelry making endeavors, I have learned a number of tips and tricks for working with buttons. Whether you are simply interested in making a few pieces for yourself or to give as gifts or you are planning to make large quantities of items to sell, there is something in this article for everyone. Happy jewelry making!

Type of Buttons

One of the first decisions that you have to make when you start a piece of jewelry is the type of buttons you would like to use. Think about what styles and materials will fit with the project at hand. Do you want to use new buttons, vintage buttons, or a combination of the two? Do you want to use plastic buttons or do you want to explore other materials? Plastic is

Find Out Good Colored Diamonds

Here’s a rundown of what to expect with colored diamonds :

  • Reds and pinks: The rarest of colors, these diamonds get their ruby hues thanks to an irregular atomic structure. “When the spectrum of light enters it, it’s actually exciting certain electrons in the stone to different wavelengths, making it appear red,” Cuellar says. In November, British jeweler Laurence Graff paid a record $46 million for a ring featuring a 24.78-carat rare pink diamond.
  • Blues: Colored by trace amounts of boron, blues include the allegedly cursed Hope Diamond and the Blue Heart Diamond, both today held by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
  • Yellow: Nitrogen, usually an unwanted quality in mostly colorless natural diamonds, can create expensive, vivid canary-yellow diamonds.
  • Green: Radiation causes the color, but gemological labs often cannot determine if the radiation was natural or man-made. “The person who has it has something of no value,” says Cuellar.
  • Champagne, cognac or chocolate: Skip these newly popular colors, says Cuellar. “You might as well just burn your money,” he says.

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Create Custom Design Jewelry

When you create a custom design piece of jewelry, you and the jeweler must consider three critical elements: the design, the gemstones and metals, and the craftsmanship :

1. The design must be a personal expression of your tastes and life style. You should work with a jeweler who will listen and help you interpret and enhance your ideas. Be wary of the “jewelry designer” who “knows exactly what you need” or works from a catalog of overdone commercial designs.
Engraved platinum ring with lavender spinel.

2. The quality and beauty of the gemstones and precious metals used in a custom design jewel is critical. Proper selection of the materials will have a tremendous impact on the longevity, beauty and value of your design. It is often wise to work with an independent gemologist who can help you locate and acquire the best gemstones for your design and within your budget.

3. Once you have decided upon a design and selected the best gemstones and metals, you need to find a goldsmith who can translate your vision into a jewel of stunning beauty. Unfortunately, not all goldsmiths are equal….there are many “craftsman” who skimp not

Valuable Gems and Metals

Gemstones and metals are one of the three elements critical to the successful creation of custom-designed jewelry (the other two elements are imaginative design and quality craftsmanship).   When selecting gemstones for custom- designed jewelry you should follow these guidelines :

The gemstone should compliment the design of the jewel.   A custom- designed jewel is a reflection of the wearer’s personal tastes and sentiments. The shape, color and texture of the gemstone should help express this style.
Have fun!   Custom designing jewelry allows you to explore a wide variety of rare and exotic gemstones.   Many of the most beautiful gemstones are not found in sufficient numbers to be used in commercial or mass- produced jewelry.   When creating a custom-designed jewel you can consider such exotic varieties as Spessartite Garnet from the Little 3 Mines, Indicolite Tourmaline, Drusy Uvarovite, Raspberry Spinel from Burma, Violet Sapphire from Tunduru Tanzania and Pink Diamond from the Argyle mines of Australia.
Consult an expert!   Today’s jewelry markets are flooded with fracture-filled diamonds, color-treated gemstones and synthetics.   Before purchasing an expensive gemstone, you should always have the stone’s quality and value assessed by an independent gemologist.