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Amx 13 90 matchmaking

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A tank is not only its gun. Relatively unmaneuverable light tanks and fast medium tanks with good view range are considered 13 90 matchmaking passive scouts. Turboclicker 2 Posted 25 April - Lert, on Aug 07 - It plays very similiar to the 13 75, except it's better in most ways except for awful aimtime. I would try to save gold through Wargaming Events such as Password Changes for gold, or find a semi-successful Skirmish Team.

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Want to win more? The West spawn has a better opportunity for this early, while the East Spawn is better suited late game.

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To be honest - does this tank really deserve the 10 kiloton nerfbat it got hit with? First, we need to understand Scout Tank Matchmaking.

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You can PM with with questions, if you wish. This is useful in City maps, where a scout can tuck in near a corner, and detect tanks without needing to expose themselves.

It is best to find a position with a wide area that you can see without obstruction to get the best out of this. I will break this down in stages, using a 4 crew tank as an example. Lets now factor in crew skills in use with Binoculars.

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But it doesn't really solve the 12t's issues faster than it being bumped up a tier causes. Sign In Email address: This means that you can expose very 13 90 matchmaking of your tank, and while you might not get a chance to shoot an enemy, you make yourself a very difficult target to shoot. I only mount previously unlocked radios.

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Load APCR if it really comes down to it. However, that negates one of their great strengths, dating final fantasy vii. THAT is a scary thought TheMEagle, on 25 April - I always thought of scouts having the matchmaking of a tank one tier higher.

Without Brothers in Arms, I have a 4.

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It was always that way for Chaffee and it seems to be working fine, so why the butthurt? Acysbib 7 Posted 26 April - A camouflage net is ONLY active when the player has been sitting still for 3 seconds, and the bonus disappears as soon as the player moves.

This also works very often near a ridge line, where a scout can quickly run up near the ledge, without needing to expose themselves completely. I keep telling myself to save that freexp for upgrading 13 90 so I wouldn't have to play with that crappy gun from 13 This is the time to break out the gold once more. Arallaw 10 Posted 22 January - Be willing to experiment with whatever works for your tanks and your ability to make credits.

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