Create a dating site with drupal Two new recent launches for dating sites built on Drupal

Create a dating site with drupal

1. File storage site

A site like box. Of course, profile creates need a human eye to evaluate for the image uploaded and text in the open-ended description although bad words filter is in place in addition to a human checkother than that it's on cruise control. Sending a smile to a member only by clicking a link - not by sending a message with a smile attached 1. Until then, a showcase maybe would be appreciated in the dedicated section of drupal site i.

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Chat not available for trial members 1. So, I thought maybe this is a good opportunity to bring the basic functionalities of a dating site in the front of Drupal community and see how they can be implemented to the more extensive details.

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Have you set custom tools, something? Can see the member status premium, new, activity, last logon not available for trial members 1. As I am first time here, I do not know the rules to post a showcase, but I do my create a dating site with drupal to learn. Digg-like news site Thanks to the Drigg moduleit is fairly easy to create your own clone of Digg. I thought that, as a common sense, in order to avoid being accused as promoting my site, I have decided to not display the web address, unless somebody from Drupal webmasters group let me know that I am allowed to do it.

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List of modules I use those installed so far. You can even have a deeper look of how it was built by taking a look at this article the website has been redesigned since that, but still worth a look.

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This has been implemented using the modules: History of all connections to whom there were sent a message, a chat initiative, a smile, etc 1. What about Drutalk module drupal.

2. Social network

This kind of website is too resource hungry for most people, but if you decide to create one anyway, you can do it with Drupal. Redirecting to First Node?

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In terms of social networking capabilities, Drupal is probably the best CMS. Not ready for Drupal 7 yet, the FlashVideo module provides a powerful solution to create your Youtube clone, it integrates with CCK, converts videos to FLV and lets your users share videos with an embed code. I have a few interesting questions about these sites: If you are looking for examples of social networks created with Drupal, take a look at Imbee or GoingOn. Alert for a new message is available Blocking a user is possible.

The user who initiates the chat can archive the chat after that, the chat is no longer available to participants Cons The chat can be archived by any participant including the person s who receive s the chat request Only the hours: I think this guy wants to Anonymous not verified commented 13 August at New groups Working group for the Drupal Europe conference.