Dating a former opiate addict MODERATORS

Dating a former opiate addict

I'm heading out now but I'll respond in a few hours when I get back.

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You should know that addiction is a chronic and lifelong illness. Speaking as an individual addict, as a treatment professional, and as a former Methadone. The fact that your relationship has been built from a very long distance can be very difficult but add to that an addiction and I believe you are asking for a nightmare.

Avoid offering or asking for direct medical advice.

Can I Drink Around A Recovering Addict?

And on the dating a former opiate addict hand, I can see myself leaving this man if it happens one more time, I'm young and I want a career and kids, ect. I was a heavy, scripted opiate user.

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Alanon is much more available where I live but I'm not sure how much discrimination there is since it's not really an alcohol problem. I know there is no guarantee, good or bad, with our situation. Maybe you should suggest your boyfriend take a look. You almost have to come second to his recovery.

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But having said that I think it's great you're sticking with him and supportive of his recovery. I'd be down to chat on the phone and give you the real rundown of what happened from my perspective in regards to my ex and her many attempts to give me another chance etc.

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Which will suck but I have to draw the frickin line somewhere. I posted a few threads with some history if you want to read them. Former opiate addict checking in.

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Can you datings a former opiate addict help me to understand what it is like for him in these early, early stages of recovery? We had as perfect of a relationship as anybody could, and he brought so much happiness into my life.

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No one can know ahead of time. Next time we need someone we will hire you and give you a call if the background check ever comes through. We didn't break up or anything but she's given me space to get back in to recovery I work a 12 step program and focus on that without having to worry about our relationship constantly.

You guys keep doing what you're doing. I try not to give that but I can tell you what my experience is and how she helped me.

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Esp someone I care about. You get what you want out of a fresh new start. But if you really care and love this man, then it may be worth giving it a shot. I agree reading the threads from spouse's of addicts may help you understand what would be in store for your future if you decide to stay. Recovery isn't just a thing we do and it's over with. He would be taking the drug for weeks.

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This resides in the brain, honestly I have to wait for my brain to heal. It is not an easy road to travel. He might be able to recover and pull out of this and be all set for the rest of his life but beware he could also slip and relapse at any point in time of his life.

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Plus Suboxone doesn't give me that "high" while squashing withdrawals and I will taper down to where I wil be taking 1mg a day and then done with hopefully little to no withdrawal effects. I don't wish that on anyone.

Can I Trust A Recovering Addict?

My blinders mucst have been on. Keep that in the back of your mind as well.

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