Dating a girl with the same name as my ex Dating a girl with the same name as my ex

Dating a girl with the same name as my ex

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The title says it all: On the other hand, it is best to take each new relationship as a fresh start, and this might be difficult with such a situation. I was on a camping trip a few years back and we were in the tent and doing stuff.

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What one must know about credit cards A good youtube downloader? I definitely see no problem with that.

Although to me it does come a little weird And they write back the same, many a time You'll never get that name wrong anyway.

You can't think on your ex girlfriend for whole live, it must go on. Think about it its the Perfect Crime. Having the same name as your ex-girlfriend is not the problem, its when they both look alike that you should worry about.

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I think the problem appears when you date a girl named Kio Xye Zeu Yau Hnd Len and she insists on pronouncing her full name correctly. Which reminds me - Bondings, please incorporate a spell-check in the 'post reply' so we can be able to spell-check as we post.

And as was said, take everyone on their own merits.

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How about this poll, will you date someone that look just like your ex? No Way, My girlfriend and I were together for a few years, and now that we're apart it would seem too weird to call a girl by the same name. Love makes the world goes round.

Dating a girl with the same name as an ex makes like so much easier It doesnt matter because you will start thinking of the new one and forget the old one so nothing will happen.

It might be a little wierd at first, but as people have mentioned it could actually be easier in the long-term.

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What are the consequences of doing so? Having a date with the same name as your ex doesn't intimidate me.

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