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Dating singer featherweight 221, manufacturers

The rumored mint-green Featherweight is apparently an alternate description of the white machine, which can have a slightly greenish cast.

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Everything and Anything you wanted to know about the Singer Featherweight. Do not contact any ISMACS official in an attempt to solicit a valuation - it is not possible other than by hands-on assessment and your request will be ignored.

We would be pleased to receive any comments or corrections, just be aware that most of the seeming anomalies come from an inaccurate datings singer featherweight 221 of the original documentation which were sometimes taken from poorly stamped serial numbers.

221 221K 222 222K

These tables are somewhat rarer than the machines, possibly because of their convertible design. If you know any serial numbers that can help make this more accurate please let me know.

The data was condensed into the quick and easy Two Digit Dating System by class Your Featherweight is among the few that were mis-stamped.

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Personal communication, Krisi Santilla, February, The date given as a "birthdate" is simply the day on which vast batches of serial numbers were released to the various factories.

Quilt tops are pieced together from small scraps of fabric using quarter-inch seam allowances.

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Dating of the model is quite easy using the serial number stamped on the underside of the machine. To date your Singer Featherweight, you will need to locate the serial number on the bottom of your machine. That is the only model of FW that Singer made with the switch on the light housing, all the others have the switch on the bed of the machine.

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Below are the known ranges of all the "birthdates". Model K Featherweights were originally equipped with either volt or volt motors.

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Singer says this is a model 15K. All that means is that it shouldn't interfere with radio or T.

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FW 66 99 body 10 15 12 14 bed 15 18 16 16 case 13 20 17? The most- interesting designs were seals from machines marketed during various expositions.

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How much is my Sewing Machine Worth?