Dating sites for oil workers Oil Rig engineer for dating scam

Dating sites for oil workers

I had blocked him on FB because he was trying to get more money which I don't have.

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My cousin works on one in the Gulf and he barely has time to talk to his family. I have got where I live for this site everyday.

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Still upset, he leaves home for his next stretch of days-on. I've moved like 9 times since march last year.

I have not responded. We as women do not need to fall prey to anyone, no matter how lonely we feel.

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Nov 04, Rating Scammer's son email by: Well, I don't know he is a man. They do seem to know how to locate only the lonely. Anonymous Whenever another scammer is calling why don't we play their game?

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At first I thought he was legitimate and just a nice guy. He says he does not like dramas. So after only two days I asked to explain why no one bearing his name was registered or living in Atlanta. Me and my friend predicted his son would need money.

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I see people smiling and laughing and I wonder what it feels like. They say I am a fool and may be so but fool's fall in LOVE and fools have feelings and now after my dreans are shattered again. We all learned a valuable lesson.

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I am so broke that money took me 13 years to save and I sm so ashamed of myself for loving him so much. I post here all the time as my new mission.

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Anonymous Alias Jonathan Lester sent me a dating sites for oil workers pepperoni pizza after one of many fights. It all sounded so wonderful. Oct 26, Rating Monetary 45, by: Anonymous I am the lady who wrote about the Beneficiary Scam as well as the connection to some of the other aliases.

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I don't know how to smile anymore and haven't for months now. Since they hear a lot of stories of what other women are doing, they are inspired to do the same since it is easy. He was a superior on the rig, sent a video of him on rig; 3.

Blocked him on Facebook Messenger.