Great moments in hookup history deadspin “Episode 1-7”/“Episode 1-8” / “Episode 1-7”/“Episode 1-8”

Great moments in hookup history deadspin

I've been unable to get an erection.

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We got a story from a GIRL this week. She crapped in the toilet that she KNEW was clogged. So I run back to Morgan's cabin only to find that drunk idiot passed out in Morgan's bed.

She than grabs her pants, panties, and what she thinks is her shirt and bra, but what is actually just the pillowcase full of puke. Why is this happening?! She just didn't wanna have unprotected sex with someone she just met. All for the least interesting part of the meal. And the smaller the town, the worse they are. It's a jizz repository for shit's sake, Bob! So I convince her to go back to my apartment and watch another movie and to have some drinks. Only he didn't actually do it.

Apparently J had forgotten that everyone was supposed to convene at 8 a.

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Killed my boner too. And it wouldn't stop. I have that conversation with my wife roughly once a month or so. Like EJ says, using the "strip club DJ" voice has to be an absolute blast. A few beers later we're laughing, flirting, and having a good time.

More from our network. I haven't dumped shampoo on anyone's cooch, but still.

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Of course, there was no plunger. I steered her away from my cabin since I knew my roommate was hooking up there, and we ran to hers. I'm sketched out by the Skyns because I'm always paranoid about tearing the condom, and to be honest, the Her Pleasure was sort of intriguing to me.

While we're waiting out front for our cab, we hear a commotion.

Also, watching episodes back-to-back really emphasizes how much the show fell in love with certain premises and sometimes ran them into the ground. So the two of us also naked drag Josh over to my sofa to recover.

Certainly I could handle Her Pleasure, great moments in hookup history deadspin these other pussies. Apparently, Brazilian women were even freakier back then.

I run to that guy's cabin and try and move his roommate off the bed, but without success. Back in the room, I begin to go to work on this girl, but in the middle of my 'Ha!

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How fucking amazing would it be if you were born years ago and you could actually be an Explorer as a full time job like Christopher Columbus or Ponce de Leon? Of course, their families were there too.

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A female friend had her cousin up to visit one weekend, and she was smokin' hot. Because you embarrassed him.

That's a difficult argument to overcome when you're buzzed, but I'm glad now that I did. Or circumnavigated the globe. One night, I decided I would finally stay the night.

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He was killed on a Pacific Island, and then his crew sailed home.