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How does fut 14 matchmaking work, matchmaking is a lie

If you want to that is.

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Also not true, this would only be true if you're on an average skill level, people above average are far more likely to get matched against people below them, and the people who place the lowest are far more likely to match against good people.

Actually my basic curiosity is about, in fut online seasons, if my teams rating effects my possible opponent or not. These people gain the same ELO as us which is a shame really.

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October 19, 9: As would have been the case if we were measuring height, shoe size or intelligence, the majority of players are average skilled with a small minority having extraordinarily good skills and an approximately similar sized group having extraordinarily poor skills.

You looked that good after 12 games though, so you needed a losing run to correct your ELO and thus your level of competition.

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There will be more people complaining here about how they lost 30 games instead of the usual 20 or 25 they used to. True to a certain extend but not exactly.

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Somehow I managed to win. Let everyone compete, not just those who spend a fuck ton of money or grind like nutters.

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Same with bad players they'll get to a stage where their 9 win streak matches them up with an elite player, they'll get smacked around for 90 mins and lose skill points. I think you missed the point; of course there is skilled based matchmaking but the OP completely misunderstood how it works.

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Pro's crushing their opponents isn't good for the competitive scene either. That would mean one of them still has to get a loss or two.

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Direct YouTube links are not allowed due to spam. Instead it matches you with people based on your how does fut 14 matchmaking work Elo.

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If you have informs and high rated players but a low rated bench try adding better players to it see if you win a few more. They have earned the right to win easier games by being good at the game. Think of it like a curve on a test.