Signing and dating paintings How to Sign a Painting, Drawing or Artwork – My Top Ten Tips

Signing and dating paintings

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Do you ever recommend working under a pseudonym? I do NOT include a date on my original batiks, as when I first started batiking.

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Then, I complete the signature and date and send them off to fine art competitions. And I had conflicting emotions about putting the date on my art. I sign and dating paintings on the back. I think the main reason artists do not sign their artworks is because it can possibly ruin the composition, or so I've been told by my art school professors. What a mistake if we allow the limited cultural tastes of the artistically ignorant in our society to judge the actual worth of a work of art.

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I take the approach as follows. I think a date on the work can be distracting. This is just the sort of thing that, if treated at all in an art book or class, is given the slightest of treatments.

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I was once told that putting a date on your works dates the piece. From my perspective, those artists who are looking to be collected by museums and recorded in art history books are going to date their work. Adding your signature to a painting is like adding a stamp to it that reads "finished".

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Even when signing prints, I feel that I have compromised my image. Here are some general rules and guidelines of artwork signature signing that I am being guided by.

I do not anymore, but I think it gives more value to the piece.

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Click either image to see more and find out where they are available. I guess I could make a few pieces without dating them and see how they do.

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Scrolling through a Facebook sign and dating paintings on the topic, I found a number of artists who feel that signing on the front is the mark of an amateur, others who sign on the front and have done so for years, and still others who front sign using their initials only.

As an art historian and a college gallery director as well as someone who has worked with artists for over 35 years, I believe that honesty is the best policy. This avoids the confusion and allows me to date it after it is sold. In the end, it all comes down to how you market things… Reply. You could always advise them to date the piece after they sell it post dating…who would know.?

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For me, it doesn't interfere either way; I can see both positions for signing on the front or back. I do put a date on the back. Several years ago a couple came into my gallery in Taos and asked the artist on duty how old is Alan Heuer?

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It appears that the artist is hiding something. These days there may be pen brushes that that have a reservoir for acrylic ink.

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Does your name sound more impressive if you use just your initials plus surname? However, If there is a commission that a client is gifting to someone, sometimes it is nice to date the piece then. Click pic for entire review. This is probably more of interest to me than to anyone else, but how often are we asked how long does it take to create a piece of art!