Slingerland drums dating How to Date Slingerland Drums

Slingerland drums dating

During the war and until aboutthe aluminum cloud badge was often used in addition to the brass version. I believe the version without holes was the earlier drum dating.

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BB code is On. Old catalogs are often vague and contradictory.

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Glad to know I have a legitimate Slingerland on my hands here! The serial number is individual to each drum.

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I'm thinking 65 on the date. A new Slingerland tom tom mounting system was introduced in For example, from their drums were manufactured in Chicago. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Send a private message to tamadrm. These were changed to the six screw type around I wonder if this was a popular modification that people made?

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Reference Books and Catalogs. His photo would be featured on every Slingerland catalog until You could order it in three ply maple-poplar-maple at no extra charge.

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Keep them in original condition and if you decide to sell a few years from now,you may be able to get up to 10 times what you paid for unaltered Slingerlands. You can see the classic and distinct grain pattern and texture differences between the maple and the mahogany.

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And BTW - it is a common belief, stemming from some sincere but nonetheless erroneous publications, that the aluminum version of the Set-O-Matic was used by Slingerland only in Hollywood Ace with Super lugs. I think its a Magnum, but im not sure. Special Slingerland Snare Drum Layouts.

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But i hear thats what they say about Slingerland, great drums, terrible hardware. My set is from the early 70's going by the serial numbers and the mount on the bass drum looks a little different perhaps because it's a few years newer than the drum dating shown in the pictures herebut I'm sure it's the same part--just with different cosmetics.

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Find all posts by Agopsalott. Slingerland drums remained pretty much the same during this period. Simulated gold plating or Artgold was applied to the hardware, creating a stunning contrast to the black plated shell.

Black Diamond Pearl Fancher Model. One bummer about this kit, is that it is painted with glossy white paint insideall of the 70's Slingerland drums that I've seen online so far have a natural wood finish. Good eye on the cymbal mount. They were identical in design to the Super lugs but larger. Now that you have a beautiful vintage set of drums Note the use of the older Todd internal tone control on the Broadcasters. InSlingerland presented their new line of hardware.